suggestion ... make Blocked 1st column in chart

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suggestion ... make Blocked 1st column in chart

Postby anthonyc » Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:56 pm

the Blocked column in the session bar chart should be the first column in the session chart (after Total emails) since it should be the highest value. This way, we can see the other column bars/values.

Current order of columns in session bar chart:
(Total), Spam, Infected, Quarantined, Blocked, SPF, SNF, DNSBL, SURBL, Phishing, Paranoid, SA

(Total), Blocked, Spam, DNSBL, SURBL, Infected, Quarantined, SPF, SNF, Phishing, Paranoid, SA

or, if it's easy to do, allow us to define our own order.


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