Upgrading Message Sniffer to v3.2.1

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Upgrading Message Sniffer to v3.2.1

Postby Alexander Telegin » Tue May 17, 2016 6:51 pm

Dear eWall users,

Below is the instruction how to upgrade Message Sniffer:

1. Stop eWall service and eWall Watchdog service
2. Make sure SNFServer process is gone in Task manager, kill it manually if it's still running
3. Go to %COMMON APPDATA%\Server Side Solutions\eWall 4.0\snf and re-name SNFServer.exe to, let’s say, SNFServer_backup.exe
4. Download SNFServer from http://www.armresearch.com/message-sniffer/download/updates/SNFServer-windows-7-prox32-3.2.1.exe, store in snf folder above and re-name to SNFServer.exe
5. Start eWall and Watchdog services

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