Custom DNSB filter problem ...

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Custom DNSB filter problem ...

Postby alexbromo » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:38 pm

We have some co-workers using non professional connections wose emails are blocked by standard DNSBL filter and standard DNSBL filter run on OnConnect event, so whitelisting addresses is unuseful

So i de-activate standard DNSBL filter and create a new custom filter based on a your previous suggestion (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4904&p=17975&hilit=dnsbl#p17975), called "DNSBL Test (Save Whitelisted Addresses)" running on OnRecipient event, this:

/---------------------------------- [FILTER "DNSBL Test (Save Whitelisted Addresses)" (custom:DNSBL_Test__Save_Whitelisted_Addresses_)]
if ( ew_can_apply('DNSBL Test (Save Whitelisted Addresses)', 'custom', 'DNSBL_Test__Save_Whitelisted_Addresses_') ) {

if ( !$EW_SESSION['is_ip_good']
&& !ew_check_email( $EW_SESSION['sender'], TRUE )
&& ew_check_dnsbl( '||', true, true ) !== false ) {
$EW_SESSION['reply'] = "554 Blocked DNSBL (DNSBL:$EW_SESSION[sid])";
$EW_SESSION['disconnect'] = true;

but it seems to catch much less spam than original filter. :(

Is there some error/misconfiguration ?


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Re: Custom DNSB filter problem ...

Postby Alexander Telegin » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:49 pm

There's no error, and filter works in same way as in OnConnect event. There could be other filters starting earlier and catching spam (for example, SPF), so now DNSBL doesn't process every connection.

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