Reply to emails being backed up twice

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Reply to emails being backed up twice

Postby Stuart » Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:29 am

We have filters set up to backup incoming and outgoing emails, we have been having some backup issues that occur when we reply to received email that I am unable to correct.

Backup Incoming Email Filter
if any recipient in good list
and session variable SAVED does not exist
then save message to C:\\www\\backup\\$EW_SESSION[last_recipient_domain]\\Incoming\\".date('Y-m-d')."\\$EW_SESSION[last_recipient]\\$EW_SESSION[sid] $EW_SESSION[sender].eml

Backup Outgoing Email
if sender is local
then save message to C:\\www\\backup\\$EW_SESSION[sender_domain]\\Outgoing\\".date('Y-m-d')."\\$EW_SESSION[sender]\\$EW_SESSION[sid] $EW_SESSION[last_recipient].eml
and set session variable SAVED = "1"

When we reply to a received email the outgoing email is correctly backed up to C:\www\backup\tax******\outgoing\2016-10-18\stuart@tax******\sessionid recipients_email_address.

What then seems to be happening is that the outgoing email address is being backed up again as an incoming email (possible from the original incoming email that is still part of the outgoing reply to the original email) to this location, C:\www\backups\original_senders_domain_name\Incoming\2016-10-18\original_senders_email_address\sessionid original_recipients_email_address

How can we change the filters to prevent this duplication from occuring?

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